I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.
~ Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Crazy Trip!

7th of June, 2014, a day to remember, never quite thought of me doing such thing in my life. Woke up 6.15am, hopped in my vehicle by 7am, went to KL Sentral, picked up Ms Tai Wai Yee, who woke up by 4am, took 5am train from Kampar to KL, met up with me, took the breakfast, then started our today's journey, Jayden Loh Meng Hao baby visiting day!

Wait, who's Jayden Loh Meng Hao? Answer, the first born of Tommy Loh Chee Han!

Well, it is not a big deal of visiting a friend of mine once in a while some might say. The reason why I called this a crazy trip, because it was a day trip! We went all the way to Kluang, Johor from KL, Kampar for WaiYee, to pay this little cute baby a short visit, about 3 hours, then we hopped back in my car, started driving back to KL, and Ms Tai required to take another 2 hours train home. Wait, how long was the journey from KL to Kluang? Well, we got stuck in the traffic, spent about 4 hours each way, so, do the math! So, Yes, it was crazy!

Anyway, it definitely worth the drive to meet up some old university friends, especially the baby Jayden Loh. I never quite see a baby with that much of facial expressions! And for the first time of my life, I got despised by a baby!!! 

He was smiling to WaiYee, but cried on me! Duh! What a bummer! Which lead me to believe, that's the Tommy's boy, like father like son, always the pretty girls! Hahahaha...

that's his look with me!

he smiles!
Well, it is fun to meet some old friends, chit chat about our life after long part, going down the memory land, and nevertheless, this little cute baby Jayden, who refused to give me a smile after all, these made the trip count! 

This is my first met with Waiyee since last year July, and Tommy since his wedding on Dec, 2011. So much had changed since then, Tommy is a father now, and yet I still looking for the path of my life. It is good to see friends go on with the next stage of life, and relieve to see some stick to me, stuck at the current stage of life, hahahaha.

We will come and knock the next person's door in real soon. Because it is just awesome to meet some old friends!

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Sunday, August 11, 2013


Lately I hit the gym almost every weekends, well, almost. When I was at my hometown then I will leave that idea behind and continue with my sleep in the morning.

Forget to mention, there is a small but free gym room provided by my apartment. I dont have any extra money to pay for the montly fees and certainly I am not a very hardworking people who will hit the gym 7 days a week, and spend hours with it.

I normally am a jogger,  trackmill is the equipment that I used the most. Well, I dont have a strong mind about body building but I do feel like to train my stamina. You know when people grows old, sometimes does feel like the age starting to do work on me, haha. Sometimes I did do some weight lifting and sit up to maintain a bit.

I try it very hard to make sure I able to finish 5km within 30 minutes. I am a guy with less patient I believe, I dont like spend hours in the gym given I am serious sweating people and the gym too warm to stay long. So I always start with 10km per hour speed then increase after 10 minutes then decrease after another 10 minutes, depends on my capability of that day.

It is seriously exhausting, and I started to wonder how these people able to finish 10km marathon and some even 40km? Given the experience on the trackmill, I kind of back off from the marathon run in the town. Dude, 10km is a serious distance, and I dont trust myself with that kind of stamina, haha. However I am now trying to train my stamina, perhaps few years later I could finish 10km without breaking a sweat, nah, I doubt it!!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Second attempt

A lot of people asked the same question when they knew about my trip to KK mountain this year, May, 23rd. Why did you want to try again? 

Yupe, that's the question that i also had no much clue about why i wanted to go for second time. It's not like i never tried the hike before, but why spent all the money, time and energy to go for second time? It was so much expensive compared to the first time. Hmmm, well, i guess part of me wanted to go with my colleagues, then part of me, think of, why not second time? Hiking is fun, and might have different experience, fun with different group of people.

So, 23rd May 2013, i set my foot at Mesilau entrance again, began my second journey to Laban Rata, and submit peak! 

It had been three years, and this time, i didnt practice much like the first time. So i was a bit worry before i started. But guess what, it proved that i am still as strong as years ago, haha. As a matter of fact, this year, i achieved a better result. Reached Laban Rata by 3pm, well, could've been even earlier, but one of my friend, suffered from altitude sickness, especially when it came to the last 1 km to Laban Rata. 

However, unlike the first time, i wasnt able to sleep at night, kept my eyes opened until 1am, that's a great torture! 

Three years ago, i was a lone ranger, i walked by my own, and able to reach the peak just passed 5am, sat there, and witnessed the rose of the sun! And it was freaking cold up there, and i was waiting for the others too. 

This year, i dont have to be alone, because two friends able to catch up my steps, hahahaha. To be exact, there was one even fitter than me, and is a she!  However, we missed the chance to witness the sunrise at the peak, we were 30 minutes late, reached peak by 5.40am. 

Then me and my colleague, went crazy wild when we were on our way from Laban Rata to Timbohon. We practically run down! Took 2 hours and 30 minutes reached Timbohon gate! We stopped for like 10-15 minutes to grab a bite at the last 1 km. Then spent the rest of the time waiting for the others to reach, ate, and went back to hotel. Luckily we got 12 people, which separated into two vans, so we only needed to wait for another 3-4 people then we could just left to the hotel.

Just when i thought i was no longer as fit as three years ago, i managed to impress myself on this trip. My backpack, was 11 kg, while three years ago, it was only 9 kg. I put on weight not to mention, which increased the burden to my knees yet i was still manage to reach to Laban Rata almost 1 and half hour earlier than my first time, and not to mention the 2 hours and half crazy run to Timbohon.

I only knew 4 of them people before this
Ranking of stepping on Laban Rata, ya, the first one was a girl!

Mighty THREE

Do i want to give a third try? Hmmm, well, maybe, and actually, very likely i would give it a third try, if given chance. Haha

Monday, May 6, 2013

Fall, so that we might learn to pick ourselves up!

"Why do we fall? So that we might learn to pick ourselves up." 
                                                        -- Batman Begins 2005

Yesterday, 5/5/2013 marked a significant milestone in Malaysia. It was our 13 general election, and everyone in town seems to be so passion to be a part of the event. People came back to their origins from all over the states, some from overseas, to cast their votes, to voice their rights.

Ubah! People started to realize this is the time for us to have a new start, a new government, a new Change. Let's not to talk about what politicians had done to make to the covers, to gain more supports, because it was all over the facebook, and frankly, I didnt even bother to look any of them. BN showing what they had done for this country, while the oppositions party in the other hand showing what BN had done to this country. And then, both parties do have one thing in common, of course, the ability of making promises. 

I actually dont really give a damn to any of these, because deep down, we are all aware of the stories behind, very well aware of the claim of 'goodness', 'contribution'  done to this country. As for the all promised promises, well, you can give all kind of promises, but at the end of the day, will them be achieved,  it is debatable.

The reason of bringing this out, was that too much information spamming on the facebook. It is one good thing to remind the people in this country, people like me, who never quite give a damn to the politic, finally straighten our sights onto it, but when everything is overflown everywhere, i started to feel annoyed. And you started to realize, some of your friends, are such a drama queen, haha. Ermm, maybe it was me, being less passionate. Gosh, kind of feel like i am a jerk right now.

Anyway, this morning, my senior was chatting with me, and he asked is it the result is not expected. I answered, nope, the result was very much expected, but i was hoping for an unexpected result. Ya, deep down in my heart, i knew with all the efforts we done, the PKR politicians hard work, i wouldnt say it was all gone, but it was definitely unpaid worthy! 

Last night was a magical night, and this magic show brought along a lot of broken hearts, and the disappointment toward this country's future. However, we come around, PKR might lose, but with dignity, and wins the hearts, this battle isnt over just yet. 

What happened last night, will always stay with Malaysian, i believe this story will pass by one generation to another, and kind of feel bad for some of the guys, they aint going to gain a good name or good fame after last night, they might be laughing, celebrating now, but i am still feel so bad for them, and especially their children, their coming generations, because they will be one to taste the fruits that seed by their ancestors last night.

I quoted a quote from Batman Begins, "Why do we fall? So that we might learn to pick ourselves up." Today, we fall, we were beaten up by all kind of plots and schemes, but we are not defeated, we will pick ourselves up, and we will keep fighting, for the next 5 years, then the coming next, and the next. If everything stays the still, and nothing change, eventually, the unchanged will be replaced, because that's the rule, nothing remains the same, except the CHANGE itself. 

3/08/2008 was a wake up call, 5/5/2013 was a booster, we shall see what's next! Let's fight for the right!


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Country Music

Lately, i always listen to country songs. I used to listen to pop songs, but i found it is nice to listen to country songs once in a while.

I started to know country music only after i watched American Idol 2005, which was won by Carrie Underwood. Well, back then, i didnt realize there is a music genre known as country music. And i wasnt listening to English songs. 

But i wasnt really a country music fan until like, three years ago. One of the reason was that i didnt have the channel because you got to admit, pop, rock, rap music are taking the lead internationally. So when i started to listen to English songs, it always be the pop genre, because i am no fan of rock and rap.

Then i discovered this radio broadcast website that allow people around the world to listen to all hits for all genres. It is www.live365.com, you can find all sort of music genres there. That's when i really started to listen to country songs. 

Back then, i only knew Carrie Underwood, and of course, Taylor Swift. But then the circle started to expand, i started to know more and more country artists, more and more country songs in my playlist.

Today, i am sharing some of my playlist songs.

Luke Bryan - Buzzkill

Jason Aldean - Big Green Tractor

Ronnie Dunn - Bleed Red

Josh Turner - Your Man

Chris Young - Tomorrow

Eric Church - Sprintsteen

Carrie Underwood - Good in Goodbye

Carrie Underwood - Temporary Home

Kelly Clackson - Dont Rush

Little Big Town - Pontoon

Lady Antebellum - Down Town

Dierks Bentley - Home

Compare to female singers, i prefer male singers, i think it got some thing to do with the deep tone, haha.

Academic Country Music (ACM) awards 2013 just passed few weeks ago. One of the biggest winners of the night, Miranda Lambert, sadly, she seems to be a very nice person, but i am not a fan of her music, but got to admit, you can truly call her music as the real country music, but i always find her music a bit too rough for me. And i was a bit upset as Carrie Underwood didn't win any awards.

Some people finds country musics boring, because, it is country! But i am very much enjoy myself with it.

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Sunday, March 31, 2013





《分开以后》- Fuying & Sam











Saturday, January 5, 2013


26岁, 生日快乐!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


乒乒乓乓的,楼下不时传来有人大喊‘Happy New Year', 2013年在我看着'Person of Person',玩着Marvel Avengers中到来了!



1. 一月,我开始了我的求职生涯,不过我很快的就收到一两间公司的面试预约,开始了我人生中的第一个正式的面试!

2.     二月,开始了我第一份工作!

3.     四月,去了巴厘岛,结果对巴厘岛的印象,还好罢了!

4.     六月,接收到我口试(VIVA)的确实日期,忐忑不安,紧张万分的,度过了我人生中最没有把握的一天!虽然通过了,但是却是大幅度更改需要,虽然只是在论文上,却还是有点觉得差强人意啊。不过,我是觉得自己挺侥幸的!呵呵。

5.    六月和九月,和同事们一起去了马六甲,和彭亨林明。

6.  八月,参加了教会的生活营,不再是营员,而是导师。看着他们的成长,也看见自己的不足。求神帮助我。

7.    同月,试用期终于过了!

8.  十月,重头戏!先是毕业典礼。熬了三年,终于可以毕业了!!!也和家人第一次全家人旅行,见见许久不见的友人,顶着艳阳,不停的留下自己的倩影,呵呵。下次相见,不知是何时了!

9.  同月,毕业典礼回来后,大病一场,虽然请假一天而已,但是,这一病,仿佛把自己的身子摆在一个虚弱的状态,一个月,看了三次医生!一绝!

10.  同月,BigBang Galaxy Tour 演唱会!!!这不必多说了,堪称我今年最最最疯狂的一件事了,从演唱会票,到淋雨排队,到疯狂的摇摆。不说了。。。

11.    十一月,恩,拿到了一份债务!!!

12.    十二月,恩,收到苦笑皆非的十份礼物,一个插满26只蜡烛,提早9天的生日蛋糕!!!



Sunday, December 30, 2012



我们现在Sushi Zamai吃了晚餐,然后前往珊珊家拆礼物。结果我们在她家门外等了有好一阵子。原先我倒是没有什么想法,虽然她说她找不到钥匙开门,但是我还是没有想太多,毕竟佩诗,俊珊,慧婷也都在门外,有些胡闹的唱着圣诞歌。但是在最后一秒前,我看到佩诗提起她的电话给俊珊看,照理来说,俊珊看得,我就一定也看得,但是我却没有!












《90天,终结单身》,其意思非常的明显了! 2013的日记本,里面写了一大堆愿望,事件,安排,我有了秘书了呢!!最后一本,是佩诗上次去泰国的手信,只是一直忘了给,所以就也摆了进来!


 我想她们也不知道该买什么了,所以竟然买了旅行的用品!那Air Pillow,她们的原意时,我们去台湾时,她们可以借用!再囧!




Sunday, December 2, 2012





Sunday, October 28, 2012

BigBang Galaxy Live Tour 2012

千呼万唤的BigBang Galaxy Live Tour 2012 马来西亚站终于在昨晚完美的结束了。







Wow!Fantastic Baby!!

毕业 - 2012











干杯 - 五月天